Yes, Young People Garden!

This time of year I talk to a lot of people about pea shellers and corn creamers.  Older people keep telling me how younger people don’t care about gardening anymore.

When I was a kid I watched a black and white 1950’s movie with Humphrey Bogart talking about how lazy young people are.  I think I’ve seen five or six dozen movies since extol that same thing.

I say all this because young people are buying corn creamers.  They’re buying pea shellers and other gardening equipment.  They’re interested in the latest canning techniques.

Maybe the reasons are different, but the results are the same.  Many people today are worried about GMO, and pesticides, and where food comes from.  The news is full of recalls from China and other countries.

Now people are gardening and canning for self-defense.


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