Need Help With Freezer Bags?

Frozen peas

Trying to wrestle with freezer bags can be a pain at times, especially when you are working with gallons of peas and other produce. We love having an extra set of “hands” in the kitchen. This baggie holder makes filling your gallon size bags with peas, beans, corn, pasta, nuts, and more a breeze. Use it as your extra set of hands and fill bags faster than ever with less mess.

bagwell open

We love this little baggie stand so much because it doesn’t matter what we need to put in our freezer bags, fresh produce, leftovers, pasta, snacks, soup, stock, meat… the list can go on and on. It holds up well and hasn’t let us down.

bagwell pouringThe freezer bag stand folds up for easy storage so you can slip it right into a drawer. You don’t have to find a special place to fit it and it is out of the way when you don’t need it.

Begwell stored

When you are ready to use it rotate the arms of the bag stand holder in an *X* shape to create a sturdy stance with the curved posts at the top. Fold over the top edge of a one-gallon storage bag to create a lip on the top edge of the bad. Put the storage bag in the middle of the baggie stand and slide the lip over the 4 upright posts. Fill your freezer bags with peas, beans, creamed corn, peppers, berries, pasta, snacks, soup, toys and more!

Bagwell pasta

~Kerry Clabaugh

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