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Adjusting the Rollers on a Taylor Pea Sheller

One of the most ingenious features of the bestselling Taylor Pea Sheller is its adjustable rollers.  Specially-designed and made of high tensile neoprene, the rollers have spiraled ridges that prevent the peas and beans from getting caught, bruised or damaged.  The rollers are also designed to turn at precise speeds to shell peas and beans most efficiently.  The rollers rip the pea hulls at their seams to release the peas inside– not forcing it out the back where damaged can occur.

At 855Sheller, we provide expert advice to customers. We frequent have would-be and existing customers ask us– how do you adjust the rollers?  The simple process is detailed below.  However, don’t hesitate to contact us for further support or questions!  That’s what we are here for.

Step One:

Taylor Pea Sheller Rollers

Step Two:

Taylor Little Sheller Parts

Step Three:

Taylor Pea Sheller Model 675

Happy Shelling!


Taylor Pea Sheller Model 675 Now In Stock

As of February 5, 2017, we have Taylor Pea Sheller Model 675 in stock. In fact, we have more in stock today than we have at this time of year than we have in a long time.

That doesn’t mean it is a good idea to wait, they go very fast.  People get mad at us because we start falling behind in early June.  It’s not our fault.  Taylor Manufacturing only makes so many each year and we get an overwhelming majority of those.

It seems people wait until they are tired of shelling by peas by hand before they call us.  So please order early.


2016 Pea Growing Season Comes To An End

Sales of pea shellers has slowed to a crawl. That means our websites will now concentrate on nut picker uppers and nutcrackers. Even as I say that, we are actively preparing for next summer by ordering parts for the PoBoy Pea Sheller.

I ran the heck out of the PoBoy test models we had. It’s about as perfect as I can make it. I’m so proud of the the adjustable rollers and the Gripit & Ripit system.

It shelled butter beans like a champ! Butter beans are so hard to shell by hand, so to see how perfectly it ran through those was an, “Oh yeah!” moment.

Of course purple hull wasn’t a problem. It was rather boring to after the first bushel or two of perfectly shelled peas. It’s not a lot of fun going through piles of hulls looking for non-existent mashed peas.

The PoBoy didn’t do so well on zipper peas. They were rather difficult to get through the roller openings. I couldn’t get the rollers to open wide enough. The gears are this small of a unit are not big enough to separate that far.

All-in-all, it is the best pea sheller for the price point.