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Side By Side Pea Sheller Comparison

One of the best ways to get to know about products is from a side-by-side comparison of what is offered. There are many pea shellers to consider for various reasons. Some of the those reasons may include how many peas are needing to be shelled, how many workers are involved, and what kind of peas are needing to be shelled. Fortunately, there are great choices to help get the job done!

First of all, there are four kinds of shellers to compare side-by-side. The Mr. Pea Sheller, Electric Mr. Pea Sheller, Taylor Pea Sheller, and the new Mini Taylor Pea Sheller. Each of these pea shellers are unique in their own ways, but all work hard so you don’t have to.

Mr. Pea Sheller

Mr. Pea Sheller is perfect for the home owner who needs to shell peas without the hassle of shuffling through each shell just to get dinner made. Not too mention Mr. Pea Sheller is very budget friendly without sacrificing quality. This guy will last for approximately three years!

Mr Pea Sheller

Simply attach the C-Clamp to a table, begin to feed the pea shells through the rollers, and start cranking out the shells through the rollers. If using the hand crank is too much work there is the option to attach an electric drill to the sheller making it possible to fill a 5 gallon bucket in just 15 minutes.

Electric Mr. Pea Sheller

Since we are on the subject of electric power take a look at the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller. This is the big brother of the Mr. Pea Sheller. The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is ready to take you to the next level of shelling peas!

What’s great about the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is it is strong enough for a home garden, but small enough to fit in a closet. Meaning getting work done faster and still able to store away once shelling is complete for the day.

Just like the Mr. Pea Sheller the Electric is easy to use. The tray is slanted at the right angle to keep the pea shells flowing through the rollers at a nice rate. Ideally 1.5 to 2 bushels can be run through an hour.  To get started spread out the pea shells, let the rollers pull the shells on it’s own, and the peas will fall into the provided pan.

Another great fact about the Electric Pea Sheller is their is no assembly required and is easy to clean up! Simply plug-in and play. Once the Electric Pea Sheller is all setup it can handle most types of peas. Some of the types of shells that can be run through includes black eyes, purple hulls, creme 40s, and pink eyes.

Taylor Pea Sheller

It’s time to graduate to the big leagues with the Taylor Pea Sheller, a.k.a. “The Little Sheller.” This guy is meant for those looking to shell out around 3-4 bushels an hour that packs a 1/3 horsepower motor! If that doesn’t impress keep reading.

John Taylor is made in the U.S.A. and defines what quality craftsmanship is all about. Manufacture in the great State of Georgia, The Little Sheller keeps the customers in mind with not just quality materials, but safety, speed, and efficiency as well.


The Little Sheller can produce up to about 4 bushels an hour. Rather than a slanted tray it has a flat tray that allows approximately 1/2 of a bushel at a time. The 1/3 horsepower, 115-volt, 60Hz Dayton electric motor keeps you from doing the hard work and allows you to get more done. This is perfect for commercial use!

Unlike the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller, the Little Sheller accommodates all size pea shells. The Little Sheller is made to get the job done quicker so you can increase production.

Mini Taylor Pea Sheller

The Mini Taylor Pea Sheller is the little brother of the Taylor Pea Sheller, just a bit smaller making it weigh less and portable. Don’t let the size fool you! This Mini can shell through about 1 to 2 bushels an hour.

The Mini Sheller is a TRUE bean sheller!  This shelling machine is excellent for black-eyed peas, crowders, lady fingers, white acres, English peas, and mature butter beans. Due to the adjustable scientifically engineered rollers, you can easily go from shelling purple hull peas to mature butter beans in just a few seconds.

Mini Pea Sheller

The Little Sheller carries over the same quality to the Mini! The American made 1/10 horsepower motor keeps the rollers moving. Speaking of the rollers, they are constructed with just enough strength to keep the peas/beans in good shape. The rollers will grab the pods just fine without mashing em up. Too add to the build quality of the machine, it is cooled with a fan to keep from overheating ensuring it will not get bogged down.

The rollers are protected by a shield, which in turn keeps fingers and hair from getting caught during operation. Just like The Little Sheller the belt is guarded by a shield as well.

Both the Little Sheller and Mini Sheller include an on/off switch that guarantees the machine will not be functional when powered off. However, there is a foot petal that can be attached to the power switch to operate similar to as a sewing machine or saw.

Pea Sheller Chart

Electric Mr. Pea Sheller Review

Electric Mr. Pea Sheller (and bean sheller)

This is the base model for electric pea sheller machines. The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is great for medium to larger gardens, or for those who just want a quicker way to shell peas. The Electric Mr Pea Sheller machine is very compact. In fact it could be said that it is a “coffee table pea shelling machine,” rather than a table top pea sheller. I have not done a side-by-side comparison test, but I’d say the comparatively small Electric Mr. Pea Sheller can do nearly as much as a Taylor Pea Sheller. Well, only because you can run only so many beans through by hand at a time. The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is so compact it is easy to put away for storage until the next shelling season. The larger electric pea shellers are not easily put away. This pea sheller however, can simply be tucked away in the back of a closet and left until it needs to be used again. This is a huge advantage if you find you need a little more room in your work area.

Preparing Your Beans

Peas need to be fresh and green to work properly in the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller. Usually spreading the pea pods out on a sheet or blanket and leaving them for six to eight hours (or overnight if you can) will give the best results when shelling with the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller. Since the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller runs a lot faster than the hand crank Mr Pea Sheller, you will want to make sure the peas are properly prepared.

Electric Mr. Pea Sheller- No Assembly Required

The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller machine comes fully assembled. Just minutes after you get your Electric Pea Sheller machine home, you’ll be ready to shell. Take the sheller out of the box, plug it in, and you are ready to go!


The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is very simple to operate. You simply spread the peas out in the slanted bin on top of the pea shelling machine. This slanted bed makes it easier to slide the peas in to the rollers. Once the peas reach the rollers they will be pulled through on their own. The peas will be deposited below the rollers in to a pan that comes with the machine (or your own pan that will fit in to the cubby hole). The pods will be ejected out the other end in a stack for easy clean up. The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is designed to be operated by one person, and from our experience adding any more does not really improve performance.

Electric Pea Sheller Switch


Being made of Aluminum, the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller, is very sturdy and will not break down for a long time. It is not uncommon to find the electric motor inside the pea sheller will run for 20+ years before needing to be replaced. An improvement to the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller besides the aluminum construction is the on/off switch. This means the electric Mr. Pea Sheller can remain plugged in, yet not running, which is a huge improvement over the older versions which had to be unplugged to turn off. There is even a very quiet cooling fan inside the pea sheller to ensure the motor does not overheat. I also consider how quiet this electric pea sheller machine is compared to the larger pea shellers a huge advantage. I happen to have a dog that hates when I vacuum or any loud noises, running this pea sheller did not even cause him to lift his head.

Pea Sheller Rollers


One thing that has carried over from the previous version of the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller, and found on the hand turned Mr. Pea Sheller, is the rollers. The splined feature allows the rollers to self-adjust to the size of peas and add more torque as the pods pass through. This self-adjusting feature helps to open the side of the pods and allow the peas to pop free.


A few notes on safety with the new and improved Electric Mr. Pea Sheller. The electric motor for this pea sheller is completely enclosed inside the pea sheller. Meaning nothing can get caught on the belt that turns the rollers. The second major note on safety is the addition of a safety shield. Your hands can no longer get close enough to the rollers to get pinched by them. Safety was a large factor in the redesign of the pea sheller.


This sheller does not suffer from jamming that the smaller hand style sheller can, it will however mash more peas than the hand sheller does. As long as you properly prepared your peas, only a small portion of the peas should be mashed. If you have problems with a lot of peas being mashed by the pea sheller, letting your pea pods dry longer should reduce the problem. The large amount of green gunk and buildup on the rollers is the pea pod case, not the peas being mashed, be careful not to jump to that conclusion when you first see the rollers covered in green pieces. The hand guard for the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller does not prevent pea pods from going over the top of the rollers.  As pea pods are pushed down toward the rollers if they stack up, one on top of another, the ones on top have a tendency to go over the top of the rollers, meaning they are not shelled.  This can be prevented by simply rolling your hand back and forth over the pea pods, to make them all one level high, and then pushing them down toward the rollers.


As with all pea shellers, price varies from place to place. My research has shown the places with the fastest promised delivery time and best shipping rates to be or

~Kerry Clabaugh