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Creaming Corn, The Easy Way!

Shucking, cleaning, and cutting corn has been around for centuries. However, the process of has not changed much over time. Personally, I am a fan of working smarter, not harder. In the case of shucking through corn cobs there is a very fast and easy way to get through a ton of corn. Let me introduce you to the EZ-Creamer.

The EZ-Creamer is the best way to shuck, clean, and cut corn. Using just one EZ-Creamer can help you easily produce 40 quartz of corn cream a day! This completely beats using a knife or knuckle buster that is not only dangerous, but extremely less productive. Time is money and the EZ-Creamer can help you get more done and let’s you focus on other important obligations.

The EZ-Creamer is perfect for not only residential use, but for commercial use as well. There really isn’t a better way to get the job done! Imagine lining up an assembly line of workers going to town on the EZ-Creamer!

Set up is simple. You can order from to get all you need to get going. The EZ-Creamer comes with the Shucker, Whole Kernel Tube, Creamer Tube, corn cob screws, mounting screws and a set of instructions. If you are planning to use both the Whole Kernel and Creamer Tubes be sure to pick up an extra bracket. If you don’t want to mount the brackets to the table with the provided screws you can simply use a c-clamp to hold the EZ-Creamer in place. The EZ-Creamer comes pre-installed with the Whole Kernel Tube setup. If you want to use the Creamer Tube you will need to either take of the bracket from the Whole Kernel Tube or buy another bracket to place on the Creamer Tube.

Once the EZ-Creamer is mounted on a the surface of choice, the next step is to install the corn cob screws into an electric drill just like you would with any drill bit. At this point you are ready to start shucking the corn in just seconds.

Shucking the corn literally only takes seconds, any more than a few seconds you will begin cutting into the cob. Again only 2-3 seconds is all that is needed! We like to use a basic 5-gallon bucket to catch the droppings.

What’s great about the bracket setup is that everything is already together making it a smooth transition from the shucking to the cutting/creaming stage.When using the Cutting Tube place he corn through the tube, use your extra hand to adjust the size of the cutter, and push the corn through the cutter. This process only takes a few seconds as well. Don’t forget to have a pan or bowl placed under the Cutting Tube to catch the goodies!

To use the Creamer all you have to do is run it through the tube. Pretty darn easy. I guess that’s why it’s called the EZ-Creamer.

We hear from many people who have used the EZ-Creamer and absolutely love it! As a matter of fact we spoke with a customer today and she made a video and shared it with her Facebook friends! Her friends then had to order an EZ-Creamer.

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How To Cream Corn

Today, I want to talk about something that goes well with peas and that is corn. Sweet kernels or freshly creamed, either way makes a perfect addition to most meals. Enjoying it straight off of the cob doesn’t have to be hard work. I am going to share a few different corn creaming tools to help get the job done.


Family Dinner Creamed Corn

Corn CobIn your Grandma’s kitchen, you have probably seen a small wooden board with metal teeth in a drawer. If you have every wondered what that was, or where you can get your own, you are in luck. I would wager a guess that it is a Lee’s Corn Cutter. There are cheaper wooden ones out there and even plastic, but you don’t want one of those. You want the real deal that is made to last. Lee’s Corn Cutter can be adjusted for creamed or whole kernel corn with a simple move of the cutter blade. To prepare creamed corn with this corn cutter, shuck and desilk your corn, then blanch it for 5 minutes, followed by an ice cold bath for rapid cooling, leaving the corn in it for about 5 minutes as well. This isn’t a must, but does make cutting the corn off the cob easier. Once this is done and you are ready, place your Lee’s Corn Cutter over a bowl to catch the corn. I also push my bowl against a wall to keep it still. Run the ear of corn along the wooden groove and over the metal scraper. I normally give it 2 passes over the scraper on each side for best results. Once I am finished, I add in a dab of butter, a little salt and pepper, and cook it on my stove. My family loves to see fresh corn coming in the house because they know what is coming for dinner. We almost never have leftovers when I prepare it like this. Of course, you can use Lee’s Corn Cutter to cream and freeze your corn as well, it takes a little time, but is much easier than cutting it off with a knife.

Preparing To Storekernel kutter kit

Sometimes, you have more fresh corn than you can eat right away. The best option is to prepare it to put away in the freezer. If your corn is already shucked and desilked, then I would recommend the Kernel Kutter Kit. Think of it as corn cutting “MacGyver” style. It is a powder coated metal handle with a kernel cutter held in place by 2 rivets. The Kernel Kutter Kit also comes with a corn cob screw, which is longer and has deeper grooves than a normal screw, to hold the cob firmly while you cream corn. Insert the corn cob screw into your corded drill, drill it into the end of the ear, and then run it through the corn cutter while holding the handle. It is quick and efficient, yet small enough to store in a kitchen drawer. This option is for whole kernel corn only though.


EZ Creamer

Another great option when prepping to store your fresh corn is the EZ Corn Creamer. Not only does it cream corn for you, but it also shucks and removes the silk. Talk about handy and time saving! The EZ Creamer is made up of a creaming tube, whole kernel tube, shucking tube, a tube mounting bracket, and corn cob screw. Attach the shucking tube to the mounting bracket along with either the whole kernel or creaming tube, cut the ends off of the ear of corn, insert the cob screw. A few seconds in the shucking tube will remove all of the husk and silk for you, then a few more seconds in the creaming tube will give you glorious and tasty creamed corn ready to store. A good idea is to have a freezer bag holder at the end of the tube so your creamed corn can fall right into the bag. Cutting the corn off of the ears this way really saves a lot of steps and time.


Thomas Corn Creaming System



Taking corn creaming one step further is the Thomas Corn Creamer System. It is an all-in-one board that gives you the ability to cut the ends off your ears of corn, remove the husk and silk, and cream with 1 product. Designed like a table top so you can place right on top of a garbage can to catch the discarded husks and cobs. Place your corn storage bag or container under the creamer to catch all of your fresh corn. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. This method is efficient and will save time.



One of these methods is sure to make creamed corn go from stalk to table with ease. Your family will thank you and you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. How do you currently prep your corn to put away for later? Do you have a favorite creamed corn recipe or family story you would like to share?


~Kerry Clabaugh