2016 Pea Growing Season Comes To An End

Sales of pea shellers has slowed to a crawl. That means our websites will now concentrate on nut picker uppers and nutcrackers. Even as I say that, we are actively preparing for next summer by ordering parts for the PoBoy Pea Sheller.

I ran the heck out of the PoBoy test models we had. It’s about as perfect as I can make it. I’m so proud of the the adjustable rollers and the Gripit & Ripit system.

It shelled butter beans like a champ! Butter beans are so hard to shell by hand, so to see how perfectly it ran through those was an, “Oh yeah!” moment.

Of course purple hull wasn’t a problem. It was rather boring to after the first bushel or two of perfectly shelled peas. It’s not a lot of fun going through piles of hulls looking for non-existent mashed peas.

The PoBoy didn’t do so well on zipper peas. They were rather difficult to get through the roller openings. I couldn’t get the rollers to open wide enough. The gears are this small of a unit are not big enough to separate that far.

All-in-all, it is the best pea sheller for the price point.

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